13 April 2011

Press release: Danish Education Minister opens European Teaching Festival

(Berlin/Copenhagen, 13 April 2011) On 16 April 2011, the Danish education minister Troels Lund Poulsen will welcome 250 science teachers from across Europe at the opening of the Science on Stage teaching festival. Over four days, the teachers present innovative concepts for science lessons in terms of experiments, workshops, science shows and exchange their ideas with European colleagues. The projects address current and socially relevant questions in education. Veronika Gallus, a teacher from Germany, for instance, presents the project 'Radioactivity - curse or blessing?' In class, she discusses hopes, fears and threats caused by the civil use of nuclear energy as well as the application of radioactive substances in technology and research from an interdisciplinary perspective. This includes bending 1000 origami cranes based on a Japanese legend.

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11 March 2011

Commissioner Vasssiliou: Science Teaching: Winning Hearts and Minds for good performance in science

The European Science on Stage celebrates Europe's and Canada's best practices of teaching science.
It is an excellent forum for science teachers to exchange ideas and access teaching resources, and a unique initiative giving real practitioners the chance to showcase and discuss effective methods of teaching in a European context.
We are living at a time when scientific literacy is fast becoming a fundamental skill, in order for people to be able to make sense of our complex, technology-driven world, At the same time we need bright people to push the boundaries of knowledge forward, to make new discoveries and to find new solutions, so we need more young people to take up scientific careers...

09 March 2011

Belgium: Playful Science 2011

Science on Stage Belgium is organising his fifth Science Festival on Saturday the 19th of March 2011

07 February 2011

Science at its Best: Danish Education Minister supports European Teaching Festival

(Berlin/Copenhagen, 07/02/2011) From 16-19 April 2011, the Science on Stage festival will take place in Copenhagen. Danish education minister Tina Nedergaard appreciates the festival's purpose to enhance science education in school. Under the motto "Science Teaching: Winning Hearts and Minds", around 350 teachers from across Europe will present innovative teaching ideas and concepts in the fields of science and engineering in workshops, on-stage performances, speeches, and in a fair. How can interdisciplinary teaching and inquiry-based learning be implemented in class? In which way can new technologies be used in school? Numerous projects and experiments will address these questions and cover topics from kindergarten to secondary school. The aim of exchanging teaching ideas is to improve European science teaching and thus encourage more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering. 

Danish education minister Tina Nedergaard explains: "The Danish Ministry of Education warmly supports the idea and content of this festival. It falls in line with the overall goals in "ET 2020": The European strategy for cooperation within education and training towards 2020." On stage and in the fair, projects shown will include Choco-Science, in which chemistry is presented at its best; a show on hearing the light and seeing the sound; high-voltage in the classroom; and experiments with magic fire. 

As the main sponsor of the festival, the Danish Ministry of Education is contributing to the continuation of a series of European festivals which were launched in 2000 by EIROforum, a partnership of European intergovernmental research organisations, with co-funding by the European Commission until 2008. In 2008, under the guidance of Science on Stage Germany, the 27 European countries involved established the initiative Science on Stage Europe and now strive towards alternative funding. More information on visiting the festival can be found at www.science-on-stage.eu.

15 November 2010

Reports from the Science on Stage countries

The selection of the national delegations for the Science on Stage festival 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark is almost done.
Here you can read some national reports: http://science-on-stage.eu/?p=4_2

29 September 2010

Science on Stage: sharing teaching ideas across Europe

Originally, Science on Stage was the brainchild of EIROforum, the publisher of Science in School. Since then, the commitment of the national organisers has enabled this network of local, national and international events for teachers to grow and grow. Eleanor Hayes reviews some of the latest activities.Read full article

01 September 2010

Fly your experiment to the edge of space!

ESA is inviting students to propose experiments to fly on sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons.
Read more: ESA Education homepage

26 August 2010

The conference venue for Science on Stage 2011: Oerestad Gymnasium Copenhagen

The modern building is created to support a flexible usage of the learning rooms. It’s an open  building where all activities are visible to all thus enhancing mutual inspiration and communication.

Science on Stage: gathering momentum

Many of the national Science on Stage organisations are already beginning to select which teachers from their countries will attend the European teaching festival in 2011. Eleanor Hayes reports on the Austrian and Belgian events.

24 August 2010

ESA: Student competition 'in the can'

High school students from different ESA Member States were able to watch their own ‘satellites’ soar into the sky aboard suborbital rockets during the first European CanSat competition, held at the Andøya Rocket Range in Norway.

Fibonacci: European launch conference

21-22 September 2010 in Bayreuth, Germany

13 August 2010

Science on Stage Europe Committees Meeting 11-12 August 2010

The Committees Meeting in Berlin served the preparation of the upcoming International Committee's Meeting 16-17 September 2010 in Copenhagen 2010.
The results will be sent out soon to the National Steering Committees of Science on Stage Europe.

09 June 2010

Friday 11 June 2010: Presentation of new publication "Teaching Science in Europe 3"

From Friday 11 June 2010 the new publication "Teaching Science in Europe 3" in English and German will be available!

To be ordered for free at Science on Stage Germany: info@science-on-stage.de

27 May 2010

AthenaWeb on the road to Shanghai

 The latest issue of AthenaWeb's NewsLetter is online! 

Better milk for cats: immobilised lactase used to make lactose-reduced milk

Dean Madden from the National Centre for Biotechnology Education (NCBE), University of Reading, UK, suggests an experiment to make lactose-free milk – useful both for cats and for the 75% of the world’s human population that are intolerant to this type of sugar.

20 May 2010

Science on Stage Festival 2011: Conference venue

Have a look at the conference venue Oerestaden Gymnasium Copenhagen:
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11-12 June 2010: Final event of Teaching Science in Europe 3

Presentation of the new publication "Teaching Science in Europe 3" on 11 June 2010 at the Max Delbrück Communications Center Campus Berlin Buch.
More information Final event Teaching Science in Europe 3

Science in School No. 14

The fourteenth issue of Science in School is available! Check www.scienceinschool.org!

Science on Stage Europe Blog online!

Here you will get all updates from the initiative Science on Stage Europe!